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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Dumpster in CA?

Just like most places in the US, the cost of renting a dumpster depends on several factors such as its size, market demand, extra services, rental period, your waste type and the location in which you need the dumpster.

In this endeavor, this article explains how much it costs to rent a dumpster in California, and how each of these factors affects the cost. 

Small Dumpsters

Under the small category, we have the 10, 12 and 15-yard sizes. They are in most cases used in large-scale residential construction and renovation works.

Rent a dumpster for your project in CA

They can also come in handy in residential upgrade works like a house construction, landscape, bathroom and kitchen upgrades. They are sometimes applied in small-scale commercial works like office renovation.

They have a capacity equivalent to that of 6 pickup trucks. For a 1-week period of renting in California, the average cost ranges from $400 to $600. 

Medium Dumpsters

Under this category, we have the 30-yard sizes. They are best suited for most events cleanup and commercial building and renovation works. Their load capacity is equivalent to that of 8 pickup trucks. On average, it costs between $600 and $800 to rent a medium-sized dumpster in California.  

Large Dumpsters

The large dumpster category comes with the 30 and 40-yard dumpster sizes. Due to their large load capacity, they are best suited for installation construction sites such as bridges, roads and malls. They have an equivalent load capacity of 20 pickup trucks. Typically, it costs between $700 and $1,000 to rent large-sized dumpsters in California per week. 

Most importantly, remember that these are just general estimates and not the actual cost. If you need the real figures, consider calling individual dumpster rental providers in the area. Remember that the above cost estimates are subject to variation depending on several factors such as: 

Your Waste Type

Generally, most construction, majority of domestic, and landscape wastes are allowed into dumpsters. Some things such as medical waste, car batteries, tires, asbestos, grease and oil, and most food waste are among the many wastes that should never find their way in. Tossing items earmarked as prohibited may attract additional costs from your dumpster provider. This is because prohibited items such as car batteries, grease and oil may stick at the base of the dumpster and end up destroying it. 

Automotive wastes including car battery acid and refrigerants in the refrigerators may corrode or explode and cause serious bodily injuries to the workers. To have such waste disposed of through a dumpster rental, never forget to check with the company and prepare to incur extra costs.  

Extra Services

Extra services such as same-day, weekend, or holiday delivery and pickup may attract extra charges from the company. Moreover, you should be prepared to pay increased costs. Similarly, if you need tailor made services, the prices may vary accordingly. 

Dumpster Rental Period 

Normally, the period is 1 week in most places. If you need the dumpster picked up the same day, your provider may sometimes allow you some discount on the cost. Surpassing the 1-week period will automatically attract increased rental cost. 

Market Demand

Depending on the season of the year, the costs may fluctuate a little. Some weather-friendly seasons are characterized by the blooming of flowers in the summer and the fall of leaves from trees in fall.  Most outdoor activities, concerts and events like weddings and parties take place during these seasons. In a place like Hollywood, California, where tourists flood, you can expect rental costs to soar in peak seasons like summer. This is because in peak seasons, market demand is high and this increases rental costs further. 


Usually, California is known to be among the states where cost of living is very high. In this understanding, you can expect to incur increased costs, comparing to other states. The many tourist attraction sites and beaches create an impression of a luxurious living, hence higher living costs and consequently increased costs.

Rental costs in California may also fluctuate depending on local ordinances. To enjoy favorable and lower rental prices, ensure to shop around and do a cost comparison for different companies. Upon finding a few companies, do not accept the first offer but instead negotiate for reduced charges. You could also try scheduling the rental when the market demand is low. In addition to this, remember to adhere to the company and local authority regulations at all times to avoid extra charges and possible lawsuits. 

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