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Affordable Dumpster Rental & Trash Removal Services in San Diego

Tailored Dumpster Solutions: Crafting Cleanup Excellence for Every Project

Embark on a seamless and stress-free cleanup journey with M&M Hauling and Bobcat, your trusted partner in customized dumpster solutions. Our extensive inventory is meticulously curated to manage a diverse array of debris, ranging from heavy materials to bulky items like furniture and renovation waste.

Unmatched Roll-Off Dumpster Services 

Discover excellence with M&M Hauling, acknowledged as the premier roll-off dumpster provider in Lakeside, El Cajon, and the broader San Diego area. Our unparalleled services cater to your unique requirements, offering specific drop-off schedules, tailored locations, and even comprehensive debris loading assistance. Whether you’re in the heart of San Diego or its neighboring communities, we’re here to elevate your cleanup experience.

Explore a Variety of Dumpster Sizes: Choose with Confidence

Select the perfect container size for your project from our convenient options:


Ideal for smaller projects:

18 ft. x 7 ft. x 2 ft.


Versatile and accommodating:

16 ft. x 7 ft. x 3 ft.


Perfect for mid-sized endeavors:

22 ft. x 7 ft. x 3 ft.


Catering to larger projects:

20 ft. x 7 ft. x 7.5 ft.


The ultimate solution for extensive cleanups:

22 ft. x 7 ft. x 7.5 ft.

Our friendly staff is here to guide you in selecting the right size, ensuring you’re well-informed about delivery and pickup schedules, and facilitating a seamless progression for your project.

Effectively Estimate Your Debris Volume: Visualize Your Cleanup

Utilize our innovative size comparison technique to gauge debris volume effectively. Picture 1 cubic yard with the dimensions of a standard kitchen stove (3 ft. x 3 ft. x 3 ft.). For efficient disposal, we recommend opting for a slightly larger dumpster, ensuring your cleanup needs are met.

Why Choose M&M for Dumpster Rental? A Legacy of Trust and Excellence

Since our establishment in 1995, M&M has stood as a beacon of trust in demo, excavation, and dumpster rental in the vibrant city of San Diego. As a family-owned business, we place utmost importance on delivering exceptional customer experiences. Count on us for punctual delivery, cost-effective pricing, accommodating service, and responsive support.

Simplified Dumpster Rental Process: Your Cleanup Made Easy

Estimating debris volume can pose challenges, which is why we recommend choosing a size slightly larger for cost-efficiency. M&M simplifies the rental process—just share your project details, and we’ll expertly recommend the right roll-off for your cleanup, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Effortless Cleanup with Full-Service Option: Let Us Shoulder the Load

Opt for our full-service option, allowing us to handle the heavy lifting for you. Perfect for inert debris, concrete, and more, our expertise ensures a swift and efficient cleanup, catering to your unique needs. Whether you’re in the heart of San Diego or its vibrant vicinity, we’re ready to serve.

Transparent Pricing and Service Area: Fairness in Every Transaction

For competitive and fair prices, contact us with your location and project details. M&M proudly serves San Diego, including Lakeside, El Cajon, Jamul, CA, and the surrounding areas. Our commitment is to offer honest prices and dependable services that meet your cleanup requirements.

Your Trusted Project Disposal Partner:

Contact M&M Hauling and Bobcat for a free quote and reliable dumpster rental in Lakeside, San Diego, El Cajon, or anywhere in the greater San Diego vicinity. Trust us to be your dedicated partner in meeting all your disposal needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient cleanup process tailored to your project.